Brett Favre a No Go…Again This Year! Says AP Source

According to an Associated Press source who asked not to be identified, Brett Favre will not return to the Minnesota Vikings for a second season. The source claimed that Favre has already contacted head coach Brad Childress to let him know his surgically repaired ankle was not responding to therapy as he had hoped and he wouldn’t be playing this upcoming season.

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Keeping Your Movie in the Cloud With Ultraviolet

Whether you heard about it or not there is going to be a new form of Digital Rights Management (DRM) on the horizon for your movie purchases called Ultraviolet. I just learned about this a few days ago myself. From the information I’ve been able to gather there is a group of 60 or so companies that have joined forces to form the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). Some big names that have joined on are Microsoft, Sony, HP, LG, Toshiba, Nokia, Intel, Panasonic, Paramount and Lionsgate studios and last but not least Netflix. Of much interest are the two companies that have not joined on as of yet. They areĀ Apple and Disney, both of which already have their own DRM in place.

The concept would be that you purchase a Blu-Ray or DVD movie with the Ultraviolet logo you will receive some type of proof of purchase. This would allow you to Continue reading

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My History with Cell Phones. What’s Yours?

When I first got into the mobile phone game I purchased a Qualcomm. I couldn’t even tell you the model number. I was working in a computer configuration center inside of a larger warehouse at the time. A guy brought in a huge shallow square-shaped wooden box with openings that held many cell phones. I guess it probably had anywhere between 30-50 total in it. Several of us gathered around and listened to him describe the costs involved with the phone and the plan. I had been mulling over whether to get one for some time and decided to finally go for it. I would say it was about twice the size of cell phones today. It worked just fine, but I found out after having it for 3-4 weeks that I had only used it once or twice. Being as there wasn’t any contract at that time I was able to take it back to the store the guy worked for and return it no questions asked. I believe the company was GTE Wireless. I continued on with my life with no major catastrophes because I was without a cell phone.

Ok, move ahead a few years and more and more people I knew were getting cell phones so I was ready to give it another try. I decided to go to my local Sprint store and after looking over their phones decided to go with a brand new free phone they were offering. It was an Audiovox brand and it was a super small candy bar style. It did not have a color screen. I know that’s hard to imagine these days. It worked fine and I got good reception, but the more I used it the more it became increasingly tougher to see easily and turned into an inconvenience. During the time I had this phone my brother had purchased a phone online with A1 Wireless. It had a nice color screen and it was through T-Mobile. After seeing his I decided that when my contract was up I would follow what he had done.

I ended up purchasing a Nokia phone with a Continue reading

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